Why choose Jupiter?

Dry system advantages

Dry systems save up to 18% over screed systems. Although it is a known fact that traditional screed under floor heating systems are more energy efficient than radiator systems there is still a common complaint - response time.


Response time of an underfloor heating system directly impacts two things:

  • human comfort
  • energy efficiency

External influences such as solar gain in conservatories or population increase such as a classroom environment require a rapid decrease in heat output to avoid discomfort. With a screed systems this tends to lead to the opening of windows. As our dry systems don’t contain the large thermal mass of traditional wet screed systems they cool down as quickly as they heat up.

Because of their slow response time screed systems need to kept on all the time (using night setback ), whereas dry screed systems can be switched off at night and on again in the morning.

Logically, if the heat source can be switched off energy will be saved.

Following the acquisition of JUPITER by Danfoss a test site was constructed to clearly demonstrate the advantages of the dry screed system over a wet screed. The chart above shows the desired room temperature, the room temperature maintained with a wet screed system and the room temperature maintained by our dry system. Because of its response time the dry system has managed to keep to the desired temperature far closer than the screed system representing a clear saving in energy.


We always strive to develop ECO Friendly solutions

This has resulted in the development of the IDEAL ECO system....